The Háldi is a forest creature that may lure children into the woods. Is it only a part of Sámi mythology or is it as real as you and I?

Who is she? Why would she want to lure children out into the woods? Is she evil or egotistical? Or is she maybe just lonely …?

She is a part of her forest and acts a bit odd, because sometimes she takes the form of a tree, or becomes a part of the moss. Háldi is a part of the ecological system. The kids lured out by her become a part of nature’s fauna.

EADNI, which means mother, is a multi-layered visual saga that provokes thought. Focusing on Háldi, the whole story is a creation story with the hope that we will protect nature and ensure that the eternal cycle continues.

The never-ending saga of the essence of life

ÁRRAN 360° Premieres at the Venice Biennale 2022 as part of `The Sámi Pavilion´