Liselotte, born 1973, is a Sámi multimedia artist from Kiruna whose work spans film and video, collage, painting, photography, sculpture, textiles, and installation. Her experimental moving image body of work comprises over two dozen shorts and feature-length films. Spanning hybrid documentary, experimental media, music video, dance, and fiction films, Wajstedt mobilizes many different styles and techniques in the service of her politics and aesthetics, including animation, claymation, stop-motion, and superimposition. Many of Wajstedt’s films engage explicitly or implicitly with multiple and hybrid subject positions, as evident in Árvas (2009), Faces (2009), A Sami in the City (2007), Sami Daughter Jojk (2007), A Soul in a City (2011), Kiruna Space Road (2013), The Lost One (2014), Kiruna the drift block, Bromsgatan, Kvarteret Ortdrivaren och The Girl Kiruna (2020), Sire and the Last summer (2021), The Silence in Sapmi (2022) and EANDI (2023)

Behind her she has an education in painting and arts from different schools in Sweden: Alma manusutbildning 2021-2022, Project programme in free Art at Royal Tnstitute of art as well as animation and experimental filmmaking with special emphasis on documentary storytelling and scriptwriting; Bachelor of Arts in Expression in Convergent Media, 2010 at Gotland University.



2024 IN MY HAND, 360° version, Directors Liselotte Wajstedt and Marja Helander. The 360 version, premiere at Bodø24, 3th February.

2023 EADNI, short, 7 min. (Distribution: FILMFORM, Stockholm)

2022 EADNI, short art film 360°version 8 min. Premiere at ÁRRAN 360°, Pavilion´ at the 59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale de Venezia 

2022 SIRE OCH DEN SISTA SOMMAREN, short fiction, 15 min

2022 TYSTNADEN I SÁPMI / SILENCE IN SÁPMI, documentary 70 min (Distribution: Folkets Bio)

2020 MOAI BÁHTARETNE / ON THE RUN, documentary, ´3:00 min 
(Distribution: FILMFORM, Stockholm)

2020 BROMSGATAN, hybrid/ documentary, ’7:57 min 
(Distribution: FILMFORM, Stockholm)

2020 KVARTERET ORTDRIVAREN, documentary ´22:14 min 
(Distribution: FILMFORM, Stockholm)

2020 THE GIRL KIRUNA, documentary, ´10:00 min 
(Distribution: FILMFORM, Stockholm)

2017 THE FIRE, exerimental documentary, ’9:50 min

2017 RUOTNAS VÁRRI, music video, Lars-Ánte Kuhmunen, ´4:54 min

2017 GÁBNA, documentary, interview with Lárs Ánte Kuhmunen, ‘6:16 min

2016, WELCOME, hybrid/dance, ´4:46 min

2016 BURN THE DRUMS / GOAHTI music video ’2:04 min

2014 THE LOST ONE ‘6:30 min
2014 THE LOST ONE, A Story, ´16:25 min

2014 JORINDAS RESA, ‘16 min, Fiction

2013 KIRUNA – RYMDVÄGEN, Kiruna Space Road, experimental documentary, 52:00 min

2012 A SOUL OF A CITY, experimental, animation ‘5:50 min

2011 I AM IN LAVVU, art film, installation ‘5:00 min
2011 GIRON, Animation ‘3:00 min

2009 ÁRVAS music video, Sofia Jannok ‘3:40 min

2008 FACES short ‘3:29 min (distr. FILMFORM)

2007 The City sámi in the woods, documentary, ´4:40 min

2007 A SAMI IN THE CITY ´8:00 min

2007 THE SAMI AND HER BODY, ´4:52 min

2007 SÁMI NIEIDA JOJK (Sami Daughter Yoik) 58:30 min (distr. FOLKETS BIO)

2005 KOLTLOOP, Short, Experimental loop from ”Sámi Nieida Jojk” ´3:18 min 
(Distribution: FILMFORM)

2005 ROCKABILLY Short, Music Video, Fe-mail ´8:48 min.



2023 NORDIC HOUSE in the Faroe Islands 23 rd Jan – 5 th feb.

2023 GALLERI 54 in Gothenburg, 17 – 19 mars 2023

2020 NORRBOTTENS MUSEUM, KIRUNA ORTDRIVAREN, Kvarteret Ortdrivaren, Bromsgatan, The Girl, Vernissage 6/6 2020


2019 GAALTJIE, ÖSTERSUND, THE MOTHER, broderade bilder, 6 feb – 5:e april

2018 TRÁHPPIE, THE MOTHER, broderade bilder, Samiska veckan i Umeå,


2016 VÄRMLANDS MUSEUM, THE LOST ONE installation 23/1-28/2

2016 ALTA MUSEUM, Alta in Norway, THE LOST ONE installation, 18/1-28/3

2014 BILDMUSEET in Umeå, THE LOST ONE installation, 25/5-7/9

2014 GISLAVEDS KONSTHALL, Black Box, I AM IN LAVVU,  15/3-6/4

2012 VÄSTERBOTTENS MUSEUM Samiska veckan, I AM IN LAVVU,  Curator Anna Linder

2010 BILDMUSEET in Umeå 6/3-14/3 -10, Curator: Jan-Erik Lundström, ÁRVAS and FACES

2009 Film i Uppland & Kultur i Länet, “Videokonst” Dalarna och Uppland, during the year. FACES,



2024 ÁRRAN 360° 2.0, premiere at Bodø24 3th February 

2023 ÁRRAN 360° EADNI, Tromsø International Film Festival

2022 Tjörnedala konsthall, “Máttaráhkko och jag”  My work: ”The Lost One” installation

2022 ÁRRAN 360° is presented as an official part of the extended program of ´The Sámi Pavilion´ at the 59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale de Venezia. My work: EADNI (8 min),

2020, ArkDes, KIRUNA FOREVER, Kvarteret Ortdrivaren, Bromsgatan, The Girl Kiruna,

2019 TEGEN 2, Stockholm, Motståndets tid – Om dekolonisering, THE LOST ONE

2019 Utställningen “40 jagi” på Alta museum 21.11.2019 – 31.3.2020

2019 LANDSCAPE TAKEOVER2, Filmer, bildkonst, Galleri Syster Luleå, sept 6-28:e

2019 EDSVIK KONSTHALL, Áigemátki – Tidsreise – Time Travel, 26 jan-24 feb, THE LOST ONE,

2017 TRÅANTE 2017, Trondheim, Áigemátki – Tidsreise – Time Travel, THE LOST ONE,

2017 HAYWARD GALLERY, SOUTHBANK CENTER IN LONDON, Nordic Matters, Nordic film and Video, 13-14/1 -17, A SAMI IN THE CITY,

2016 SIART9 Bienal, Bolivia, En lo mas profundo del Norte/ /Deep into the north, THE LOST ONE,

2015 Map of the new art: Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton Collection, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, Italy. ”THERE IS SOMETHING IN BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH”

2015 geh8, Dresden, Holy Independent space,  21/6-12/7, “THE CITYSÁMI IN THE WOODS”

2015 FELLESHAUS BERLIN, Sámi Contemporary, 10/7-27/9, “JORINDAS RESA”


2015 KUNGSBACKA KONSTHALL, Sámi Contemporary,, 6/2-12/4, “JORINDAS RESA”


2014 VÄSTERBOTTENS MUSEUM, Markanvändning,  12/4-18/5, ”A SOUL OF A CITY”,

2014 ROVANIEMI ART MUSEUM, Sámi Contemporary, 6/3-25/5, “JORINDAS RESA”,

2014 INSTITUTE SUÉDOIS PARIS, Identitet i förändring, 12/2-20/4, “JORINDAS RESA”,

2014 KULTURENS HUS, Luleå, 18/1-2/3, Världspremiär “JORINDAS RESA”,




2022 EADNI, 64 Nordic Film Days, in project Árran 360

2022 ”Sire och den sista sommaren” Uppsala Kortfilmsfestival

2022 ”Sire och den sista sommaren” in competition: Filmfest Sundsvall

2022 ”Sire och den sista sommaren” Hijas De La Madre Tierra, CHIPAQ, Lima, Peru

2022 ”Tystnaden i Sápmi” Hijas De La Madre Tierra, CHIRAPAQ, Lima, Peru

2022 “Tystnaden I Sápmi” in competition: NORDISK PANORAMA Film Festival

2022 ”Tystnaden i Sápmi” In competition and award winner Deuxième prix PRIX RIGOBERTA MENCHU / COMMUNAUTÉS”:32nd edition of the Montreal First People’s Festival 

2022 ”SIRE OCH DEN SISTA SOMMAREN” award winner: Toronto International Women Film Festival

2022 “Tystnaden I Sápmi” in competition: HUMAN international film festival

2022 “Tystnaden I Sápmi”, TIFF, Tromsö International Filmfestival (Norwegian premiere)

2021 “Moai Báhtaretne” (On the run), Tampere filmfestival

2021 “Moai Báhtaretne” (On the run), Skåbmagovat filmfestival

2021 “Moai Báhtaretne” (On the run), Göteborgs Internationella Filmfestival

2020 “Moai Báhtaretne” (On the run), Bodö Filmfestival

2020 “Moai Báhtaretne” (On the run),

2017 ”THE FIRE” Göteborgs Internationella Filmfestival

2014 ”JORINDAS RESA” ImagineNative, Toronto

2013 ”KIRUNA – RYMDVÄGEN” Filmtage, Lübeck

2013 ”KIRUNA – RYMDVÄGEN” Tromsö Filmfestival, (premiere)

2013 ”KIRUNA – RYMDVÄGEN” Göteborgs Filmfestival

2013 ”SÁMI NIEIDA JOJK” Kortfilmsfestivalen i Hamburg

2011 Tampere Film Festival, Árvas is included in a package of “Best Sami Shorts” the last six years, touring Nordic Short Film Festivals 2011.
July 11 – 25, Tundra of Árvas 3,40 min

2010 Skábmagovat, January 27 to January 31

2010 INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTVAL ROTTERDAM, 39th edition Faces was screened in program Genus Loci arranged by DINAMO

2007 ”SÁMI NIEIDA JOJK” Skábmagovat, Inari

2007 ”SÁMI NIEIDA JOJK”, Tampere filmfestival

2007 ”SÁMI NIEIDA JOJK” Nordiskt Panorama, in competition

2009 ”SÁMI NIEIDA JOJK” ImagineNative filmfestival i Toronto

2008 ”SÁMI NIEIDA JOJK”  TIFF Tromsö filmfestival,



2023 Arbetsstipendium 2 y, Konstnärsnämnden

2019 Arbetsstipendium, Konstnärsnämnden

2019 Arbetsstipendium, Samiske Kunstneres og Forfatteres Vederlagsfond, SKFV

2016 Projektbidrag,  Sámi Council

2016 Projektbidrag, Region Norrbotten

2015 Projektbidrag, Konstnärsnämnden

2015 Projektbidrag, Region Norrbotten

2014 Längmanska kulturfonden

2014 Arbetsstipendium, Samiske Kunstneres og Forfatteres Vederlagsfond, SKFV

2013 Kulturpris från Gunborg och Sten Rosenströms Stiftelse

2012 Robus Arcticus stipendium

2012 Målinriktat Arbetsstipendium, Konstnärsnämnden

2009 Arbetsstipendium, Sámi Council



2019 Inköpt av Luleå Kommun Offentlig konst, 2 målningar och 1 Broderi

2019 Inköpt av Östersunds kommun, offentlig konst, Embroidery
2017 Inköpt till Uppsala kommun Offentlig konst, 2 st Embroidery.
2017 Inköpt av Uppsala kommun, offentlig konst 3 st photo collage
2018 Inköpt av Umeå kommun, offentlig konst, Embroidery