Kiruna Rymdvägen / Kiruna The Spaceroad

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Kiruna Rymdvägen, 52 min (2013)
(Kiruna Space Road)
Director, edit, script: Lisleotte Wjastedt
Producer: Anna G Magúsdóttir LittleBig Production
In co-production with: Filmpool Nord, Sirel Peensaar och Sveriges Telivision AB, Eva Sandelin
With support of: Svenska Filminstitutet Tove Torbiörnsson

Kiruna – Rymdvägen is a documentary film project in collaboration with Littlebig Productions, Filmpool Nord, SVT, SFI and Norrlands läns landsting.

“Almost all my childhood memories are from this area, especially along Bromsgatan.
I do remember the daily routines. Every morning at five, my father got up and joined the current of workers on their way to the underground. Two hours later we children got up and formed our own current on the way to The Company School. Every night the houses shuddered from the explosions below. ”
The story is told on two levels, the documentary level of what goes on today which ends when the houses are being torn down. The animated part is about the memories of childhood in the area. The spreading cracks on the surface go through the story as a heartbeat.


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The Fire


kortfilm, 10 min

en del av Kiruna Ortdrivaren

Filmen hade premiär på Göteborgs filmfestival 2017

Det brinner i gruvan i Kiruna! Filmaren Liselotte Wajstedt sitter som klistrad framför datorn och uppdaterar maniskt hjälpcenters sida. Hennes pojkvän är nere i den rökfyllda delen av gruvan och arbetar. Gastkramande och nervkittlande med en till synes oändlig åkning ner i de vindlande gruvgångarna.

– Maja Kekonius

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Burn the drums

I samiska mytologin är det Sarakka som är den starkaste gudinnan. Hon är solens, eldens och hemmets gudinna.
Genom Reahpen kommer ljuset, det är genom den vi får bilderna, det är genom den vi kan se.

Det finns en ilska, desperation, rädsla i att förlora det vi en gång såg när det nya tar över.

Själv är jag en urban same. Den här filmen är en stilla dialog med dåtiden.

This is a video in process, can also be part of a larger context

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Silence in Sápmi, work in progress

Marion Marions gård

We’re shooting a strong, beautiful young woman with a very heavy history. This women wants to talk about the silence … break the silence about what we do not talk about in Sápmi!

Henrik Henrik sågar

Shooting with Henrik Andersson, reindeer hearder, in their 1000 year old reindeer fence. Henrik is one of the stars of Silence in Sápmi


Sofia Jannok, musicians and activism

Ida Ida och kolten




Sápmi – the land of the Sámi, ranging across northernmost Scandinavia – is a breathtaking place. The Sámi culture has made great inroads in recent years in contemporary art and music. But behind these cultural triumphs are deep shadows. Shadows that no one in Sápmi talks about. A study by the Arctic University of Norway has found a higher degree of emotional, physical and sexual violence among the Sámi people than in the rest of Nordic society. The film Silence in Sápmi aims to investigate why so many young Sámi are so troubled. What is behind the violence, the suicides and the mental health problems of youth in Sápmi?.


Title: Silence in Sápmi

Director: Liselotte Wajstedt
Producer:  Malla Grapengiesser
Lenght: ca 58/80

With development support from:
Filmpool Nord

International Sámi Film Institute, Nordnorsk Filmsenter

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