I learn the sami language in my way, I do it in the shape of a video diary.
Look at the three films: http://www.isuma.tv/lo/en/sapmi

Title of work: A sami in the city
Length of work (min:sec): 8.00 min

Synopsis of work:
I investigate the big city Stockholm from my perspective and in a sami way. I conduct the investigation with the purpose to learn new words. What do you call a skyscraper or a shopwindow or the concrete.
How do you say: I am walking here on the pedestrian street, but now I am entering a fashion shop. Wow! What a nice dress, gotta have it. I am carrying a dictionary and a phone… in emergencies I can call up my relatives up north and ask if there is something I don´t understand. I put post-it notes on everything I see and want to leran. Document it with my camera.

Title of work: The sami and her body
Length of work (min:sec): 4.52 min

Synopsis of work:
I investigate the body as a tool, a house, flesh. I learn what the different parts of my body are called in sami language.
I do this in my home. Me in my body among my things that I identify with. I try out my different sami attributes on my body: like the kolt (traditional dress), the belt, the shoes, the jewellery.
”You are only at home in your self” – a little being said to me. If I feel good in my body, then I feel good anywhere.

Title of work: The citysami in the woods
Length of work (min:sec): 4.40 min

Synopsis of work:
I want to learn more about the forest in a sami way. I bring along a blanket, some coffee and a sandwich and I go to the forest. I´m thinking about the sami nature creatures from the old mythology and at the same time I am learning new words in sami. I bring with me a pen. I´m writing the sami words on a tree, a rock, soil, roots. The leaves are burning in autumn colours, I make this film when the forest is at its most beautiful state.