Kiruna is one of the few cities in the world that is entirely planned and designed from its inception. Kvarteret Ortdrivaren focuses on the modernist architectural work of the Ralph Erskine-designed area of the city called “Drift Block” and how the overall vision shaped the neighborhood’s four buildings. Situated directly opposite the LKAB site, these […]


Ruotnas Várri

Ruotnas Várri / The Green Mountain Music: Lars-Ánte Kuhmunen, Stierdna Production Label, Director: Liselotte Wajstedt Mertainen has always been crucial to Gábna; the reindeer have had access to lichen from the trees. Lichen in the trees has become more important as the current climate change is impacting negatively on the grazing available on the ground. […]

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  There is something in between life and death Usually, I do not paint so much, I am primarily a filmmaker. But I have my roots in painting, studied at different art schools and have painted a lot. My father taught me how to draw as a child, when I was 11 years old he […]

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