There is something in between life and death

Usually, I do not paint so much, I am primarily a filmmaker. But I have my roots in painting, studied at different art schools and have painted a lot. My father taught me how to draw as a child, when I was 11 years old he showed me how to paint with oil. Then I continued painting until the age of 30. Thereafter, I solely focused on film and art film. Now I have begun to return, searching for my mode of expression in painting. The paintings that I show at this exhibition are an extension of my project about Kiruna, Kiruna Ortdrivaren. It evolves around the relocation of the city of Kiruna and land-use in northern Sweden; how the human comes in-between.

About the project:

What happens in the intervals between place and person? Between places and
human history, between the place and its memory? Paths have been trodden in the
mountainous landscape. Paths that the Sami people and their reindeer created long
ago, and used for centuries. They walked through this place, once grazing land for
reindeer, until the Swede came and paved roads. It is cracking today, the ground is
breaking open and to leave a wound that will never heal. The Swedish state is selling
off the natural resources of the north for free. Foreign mining companies are free to
come and dig into our fragile, Arctic climate. The culturally entrenched reindeer
suffer, not to mention how it affects the landscape.



Oil on canvas, 50x50 cm
Oil on canvas, 50×50 cm

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