Kiruna Rymdvägen / Kiruna The Spaceroad

Kiruna Rymdvägen, 52 min (2013)

(Kiruna Space Road)
Director, edit, script: Lisleotte Wjastedt
Producer: Anna G Magúsdóttir LittleBig Production
In co-production with: Filmpool Nord, Sirel Peensaar och Sveriges Telivision AB, Eva Sandelin
With support of: Svenska Filminstitutet Tove Torbiörnsson

Kiruna – Rymdvägen is a documentary film project in collaboration with Littlebig Productions, Filmpool Nord, SVT, SFI and Norrlands läns landsting.

“Almost all my childhood memories are from this area, especially along Bromsgatan.
I do remember the daily routines. Every morning at five, my father got up and joined the current of workers on their way to the underground. Two hours later we children got up and formed our own current on the way to The Company School. Every night the houses shuddered from the explosions below. ”
The story is told on two levels, the documentary level of what goes on today which ends when the houses are being torn down. The animated part is about the memories of childhood in the area. The spreading cracks on the surface go through the story as a heartbeat.

It is not allowed to show the film publicly. Rights should apply for LittleBig productions.