Born 1973 in Kiruna, with her Sámi roots in Nedre Soppero, Sweden.

Liselotte works fulltime as an artist and filmmaker. Behind her she has an education in

painting and arts from different schools in Sweden: Project programme in free Art at Royal

institute of art as well as animation and experimental filmmaking with special emphasis on

documentary storytelling and scriptwriting; Bachelor of Arts in Expression in Convergent

Media, 2010 at Gotland University.


2017 ”THE FIRE” ’9;50 min, experimental documentary

2016 KIRUNA ORTDRIVAREN / KIRUNA THE DRIFTBLOCK is an ongoing feature film/ project. It is a
film about my home town of Kiruna, the city should be moved because of the iron ore mining.

The film is done in short sections; short experiemtal films, photo art, where I examine the city.

2016 BURN THE DRUMS / GOAHTI music video ‘2,04 min

2016 GOAHTI Silent film, ‘10,26 min, made for butt-film concert.

2014 THE LOST ONE ‘6:30 min

2014 JORINDAS RESA, ‘16 min, Fiction

2014 JORINDA/ Cherry On Top, The Knife, Music Video ‘9:00 min

2013 KIRUNA – RYMDVÄGEN, Kiruna – Space Road, experimental documentary, 52:00 min


2012 A SOUL OF A CITY, experimental, animation ‘5:50 min

2011 I AM IN LAVVU, art film, installation ‘5:00 min

2011 GIRON, Animation ‘3:00 min

2009 ÁRVAS music video, Sofia Jannok ‘3:40 min

2008 FACES short ‘3.29 min


2007 A SAMI IN THE CITY ´8.00 min

2007 THE SAMI AND HER BODY ´4.52 min

2007 SÁMI NIEIDA JOJK (Sami Daughter Yoik) 58.30 min

2005 KOLTLOOP, Short, Experimental loop from ”Sámi Nieida Jojk” ´3.18 min

2005 ROCKABILLY Short, Music Video, Fe-mail 8.48 min.


2010 Bachelor of Arts in Expression in Convergent Media, 2010 at Gotland University.

2008-09 Royal University College of Fine Arts (KKH), Stockholm, Art/Video

2004-07 Gotland University, Animation and Experimental film, Documentaryfilm, Script

2004 Gerlesborgsskolan Art school, Stockholm, 3 years


2016 ”THE LOST ONE” and ”KIRUNA PROJECT”, Samiskt kunstnersenter Karasjok, April-maj

2016 ”THE LOST ONE”, Värmands museum 23/1 – 28/2 -16

2016 ”THE LOS TONE”, Alta museum, 18/1 -28/3 -16

2014 ”THE LOST ONE”, Bildmuseet, Umeå Maj-sept, Vernissage 25 maj-14,

2014 ”I AM IN LAVVU”, Gislaveds Konsthall, start 15 mars -14,

2014 ”JORINDAS RESA”, 16 min, World premiere, Konsthallen i Luleå, start 18:e jan – 2/3 – 14,

2012 ”I AM IN LAVVU”” Installation, Västerbottens museum. Samiska veckan. Curator Anna Linder

2010 ”ÁRVAS” and ”FACES” Bildmuseet i Umeå 6-14:e mars, Samiska veckan. Curator Jan-Erik Lundström

2009 ”FACES”, Representerad av Film Uppland och Kultur i länet, ”Videokonst” på olika stationer runt om i Gävleborgs län, Dalarna och Uppland.


2017 ”A SAMI IN THE CITY”, Hayward Gallery, Southbank Center in London, Nordic matters, Nordic film and Video, 13-14:e Jan. 2017

2016 SIART9 Bienal, Bolivia, En lo mas profundo del Norte/ /Deep into the north

2015 Map of the New Art: Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton Collection, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, Italy. My work: ”THERE IS SOMETHING IN BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH”

2015 ”THE CITY SÁMI IN THE WOODS”, HOLY INDEPENDENT SPACE, geh8, Dresden 21.06.15 – 12.07.15

2015 ”JORINDAS RESA”, SÁMI CONTEMPORARY, Felleshus, Berlin, 10.07.15- 27.09.15

2015 KIRUNATOPIA, Nov 2014 – 15: Mars 2015, Kunsthaus Dresden ”KIRUNA RYMDVÄGEN”, 

2015 SÁMI CONTEMPORARY, Kungsbacka Konsthall ”JORINDAS RESA”  6/2 – 12/4 -15

2014 SÁMI CONTEMPORARY, Norrbottens Museum”JORINDAS RESA”, start 18/6

2014 MARKANVÄNDNING, Västerbottens Museum ”A SOUL OF A CITY”, start 12/4 – 18/5 -14

2014 SÁMI CONTEMPORARY, Rovaniemi Art museum ”JORINDAS RESA”, , 6/3 – 25/5-14

2014 IDENTITET I FÖRÄNDRING – fem samiska röster, Institut suédois | Svenska institutet i Paris  ”JORINDAS RESA”, , feb-april

2013 MARKANVÄNDNING, Jokkmokksmarknad ”A SOUL OF A CITY”, , Ájtte museum + 2013 Mars Norrbottensmuseum

2011 BARENT SPECTAKEL, Pikene pa BroenKirkenes


2009 ”FACES”, VÅRSALONGEN, Liljevachs konsthall



2012 A part of the project KIRUNATOPIA

2008 Video ”FACES” for a dance perfomence ”SAMI”, by Charlotta Öfverholm


2017 ”THE FIRE” Göteborgs Internationella Filmfestival

2014 ImagineNative, Toronto, Jorindas Resa

2013 Filmtage, Lübeck. Kiruna – Rymdvägen

2013 Tromsö Filmfestival, Kiruna – Rymdvägen

2013 Göteborgs Filmfestival, Kiruna – Rymdvägen

2013 Kortfilmsfestivalen i Hamburg, Sámi nieida Jojk

2011  Nordic Film Days Lübeck,

2011 5th Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival (NIIFF) 2011
The music video Tundra of Árvas 3,40 min

2011 Tampere Film Festival 2011, Árvas is included in a package of “Best Sami Shorts” the last six years, touring Nordic Short Film Festivals 2011.

2010 24th Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival
July 11 – 25, 2010, Tundra of Árvas 3,40 min

Inuit Circumpolar Council General Assembly 2010., Nuuk, Greenland
Sami nieida jojk, 58,30 min 2007

Skábmagovat 2010, January 27 to January 31, 2010
Árvas (Tundra of Árvas) will be screened Friday evening 9pm

INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTVAL ROTTERDAM, 39th edition 27 January – 7 February 2010
Faces was screened in program Genus Loci arranged by DINAMO

ImagineNative filmfestival i Toronto -09
TIFF Tromsö filmfestival, -08 och -09
Winnipeg Aboriginal Filmfestival -08
ImagineNative, Toronto,-08 och -09
Skábmagovat filmfestival 2008
Nordiskt panorama, -07
Hela Sveriges filmfestival -07
Riddu riddu -07
Migration Music festival i Taipei, Taiwan -07
ImagineNative filmfestival i Toronto -07
One world film festival -07
Sámi filmfestival -07
Luleå filmfestival -07
MadCat Women’s International Film Festival i San Francisco,
ATA Gallery, window installation sept -06

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