A Soul of a City

A Soul of a City The film ”A Soul of a City” are based in my film project Kiruna- Rymdvägen (Kiruna – Space road) The film ”A Soul of A City” is about the big Industry and the natural organic movement of all the living to death; the people in the City, and the Ore […]

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In Liselotte Wajstedt’s new film The Lost One she looks for her grandmother’s history and finds parallels and connections to her own life. In a personalised way she tells the story of a woman who dared to follow her own path in life and how the world around her reacted to this. The film represents both a […]

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Kiruna Rymdvägen / Kiruna The Spaceroad

Kiruna Rymdvägen, 52 min (2013) (Kiruna Space Road) Director, edit, script: Lisleotte Wjastedt Producer: Anna G Magúsdóttir LittleBig Production In co-production with: Filmpool Nord, Sirel Peensaar och Sveriges Telivision AB, Eva Sandelin With support of: Svenska Filminstitutet Tove Torbiörnsson Kiruna – Rymdvägen is a documentary film project in collaboration with Littlebig Productions, Filmpool Nord, SVT, […]

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The videos and the still images of Liselotte Wajstedt explore the history and the future of the northern city of Kiruna. Given the imminent relocation of the entire city, due to the continued expansion of the mining industry, the key source of the city’s initial growth, Wajstedt’s works emerge as meditations upon the life – […]

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